Meet Our Team

Emre experienced the use cases around data analytics at Slice and (acquired by Rakuten) where he worked as Head of Growth. Before Slice, he launched products in Alcatel-Lucent and other startups. He started a mobile advertising company in the past and holds an MBA from Stanford.

Emre Ertan
Co-Founder & CEO

Ertan launched many natural language understanding and machine learning applications throughout his career. He led various projects at Google, including Google Assistant platform, and he was the co-founder and CTO of Compass, the leading reporting/analytics app on Shopify.

Ertan Dogrultan
Co-Founder & CTO

Gun had previously co-founded iMobileCode in 2008 and has led the engineering team of 20 in projects for biggest corperations in Turkey before joining to These applications are being used for 100 million times a month. He has experience in developing scalable applications. He holds an MS degree in Computer Engineering from Purdue University, Indiana.

Gun Makinabakan
Founding Engineer

Ozan graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey. Having started as an Intern, Ozan is now excited to continue his work at SORU as a Software Engineer.

Ozan Dogrultan
Software Engineer

Scott graduated from University of California Berkeley with a B.S. in Environmental Economics. Upon his graduation, he started working as a Healthcare Consultant for Triage Consulting Group. He then left to hone in on his technical skills at General Assembly by studying Data Science. Scott is now eager to utilize his knowledge at SORU.

Scott Vogel
Data Analyst

Selim has worked as a Software Engineer with different companies throughout his college career at Middle East Technical University, in which he graduated with B.S. in Computer Science. Prior to working at SORU, Selim was part of the digital banking team at Yapi Kredi, one of Turkey’s largest banks.

Selim Konuk
Software Engineer