Emre Ertan,
Co-Founder & CEO

Emre experienced the problem firsthand in his previous job as head of growth at Slice Technologies and (Acquired by Slice). Marketing, sales, product and operations teams need data to do their job. However, there are bottlenecks in the distribution of data. Turnaround time is in days. A good chunk of this process is repetitive, and there is a lot of room for automation. Before Slice, Emre launched several products in different companies and was the co-founder and CEO of a mobile advertising startup. He went to Stanford for his MBA.

Ertan Dogrultan,
Co-Founder & CTO

Ertan launched many natural language understanding and machine learning applications throughout his career. He led various projects at Google, including Google Assistant platform, and he was the co-founder and CTO of Compass, the leading reporting/analytics app on Shopify. Having worked on the consumer side of the conversational surfaces, he sees a great potential on the analytics side. Ertan holds a masters degree in Machine Learning from UCLA.