Your data analyst in the cloud, powered by AI

Eliminate the bottlenecks

Ask anything, anytime, anywhere, In plain English

Make Data-Driven Decisions every time. SQL expertise or dashboard wizardry is not required. You can ask anything about your data in English as if you are asking your data science team. SORU is everyone's data analyst that never gets tired, answers all your questions 24/7.

Save time and resources

24/7 monitoring, smart alerts, automated dashboards and more

Analysts spend significant amount of their time creating dashboards, answering ad-hoc questions and monitoring data. We hand you this time back by automating these tasks. We can create customized dashboards or scheduled reports for everyone in the company whenever they need it. We can also monitor your data with smart alerts and let you know if a critical metric increase or decreases more than a certain amount.

Explore hidden opportunities

Real insights from real data scientists

Never miss a growth opportunity. Did we mention that our team contains engineers that have years of combined expertise in Data Analytics, Artificial intelligence, and Machine Learning? Our analysts look at your data, and the industry benchmarks regularly to come up with opportunities where you can increase the conversion rates, target better customers or increase sales from repeat customers. We are here to help you do your job better.

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